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Our Story

Here at My Little Rescue, there is nothing we love more than happy and healthy dogs; and there is nothing we're more against than the killing of innocent dogs. These dogs are guilty of nothing more than failing to find a home willing to give them the same amount of love as they are oh-so-ready to give. All of us here had the same realization that we couldn't sit around and do nothing. Through a combination of perseverance and luck, we found each other. Soon after, My Little Rescue was born. 

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We have dedicated ourselves to bringing joy to as many dogs and owners as we can while at the same time, having an impact on the lives of dogs in need all across the globe. We have accomplished this incredible feat by donating a portion of all sales to the amazing group at RescueBank®, A Program Of! 

~Enjoy our amazing products knowing that every purchase directly affects the life of a shelter dog in need~